Guide: How to block a phone number

Block a phone number

Hey, are you sick of annoying calls from telemarketers or exes who won’t leave you alone? Do not worry we are ready to help you. Blocking unwanted calls on your smartphone is easier than you think. In just a few taps, you can regain control of your phone and stop those annoying calls. No more jumping when your phone rings or dreading to see who is calling. Take a deep breath and relax, we’ll guide you through the right way to block phone numbers on iPhone and Android so you can get back to enjoying your phone without interruption. many other problems that occur for phone users, especially for Android, which often experience re-researching the device, and how to factory reset an Android device is very easy.

Stay tuned for our simple step by step guide and rid yourself of annoying calls once and for all

Why You May Want to Block a Phone Number

Why would you want to block a phone number? There are a few good reasons:

  • An ex who won’t stop calling. Going through a breakup is hard enough without constant reminders from the ex. Blocking their number can help you move on.
  • Telemarketers and robocalls. We’ve all gotten annoying calls trying to sell us stuff we don’t want. Blocking these numbers stops the calls and gives you some peace.
  • Harassment. Unfortunately, some people use the phone to harass and threaten others. If you’re receiving frightening or threatening calls, blocking the number is important for your safety and wellbeing.
  • Privacy. Maybe you just don’t want certain people contacting you. Blocking their number prevents them from calling or texting so you can control who reaches you on your phone.

Blocking a phone number is pretty straightforward these days. On iPhones, go to Settings > Phone > Call Blocking & Identification. On Androids, open the Phone app > More > Settings > Block numbers. Enter the number you want to block and the phone will prevent any calls or texts from coming through.

Most phone services like AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile also allow you to log in on their website or app to block numbers. The specific steps may differ but the ability to block unwanted callers is there.

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Take control of your phone and block anyone causing trouble, annoyance or harm. A little peace of mind and fewer unwanted interruptions can make a big difference. Your phone is meant to serve you, not the other way around, so block away!

How to Block a Phone Number on Android

Blocking unwanted callers on your Android phone is pretty straightforward. Here’s how to make those annoying numbers disappear:

To get started, open the Phone app on your Android and tap the three dots in the top right corner to open the menu. Select “Settings” or “Call settings” and look for the “Call blocking” or “Block numbers” option.

Tap that and you’ll see a list of numbers you’ve already blocked (if any) and an option to add a new number. Tap “Add a number” and enter the phone number you want to block, including the area code. Then tap “Block” or “Add to block list“.

The number will now be blocked and any calls from that number will go straight to voicemail. They won’t even ring your phone. You can add as many numbers as you like to the block list.

If the caller’s number shows up as “Private” or “Unknown”, you unfortunately can’t block it directly. But some Android phones offer the option to block all private or unknown callers. Enable that feature to send all hidden callers to voicemail.

To unblock a number, just go back to the call blocking menu, find the number on your block list, and tap “Unblock” or “Remove from block list“. The calls will come through again as normal.

Blocking unwanted calls on your Android phone will give you more peace of mind and cut down on interruptions from annoying telemarketers, robocalls, and other unwanted contacts. Enjoy the silence!

How to Block a Phone Number on iPhone

Blocking a phone number on your iPhone is pretty straightforward. Here’s how to get it done:

Add the Number to Your Blocked Contacts List

  1. Open the Phone app on your iPhone and tap the Contacts tab.
  2. Tap the Add button in the top right to add a new contact.
  3. Enter the phone number you want to block under the Number field. You don’t need to enter a name.
  4. Scroll down and tap Block this Caller.
  5. Tap Done to save the contact.

Block Calls and Messages

The number you added will now be blocked from calling or messaging you. Any calls or texts from that number will go straight to your voicemail or be filtered out. Your iPhone won’t ring or notify you, and the call/message logs from that number will be hidden.

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Out of sight, out of mind. Blocking a harassing or unwanted caller can help reduce annoyance and give you peace of mind. If the person continues to call you from different numbers, you may need to continue adding them to your blocked contacts list. Don’t engage or reply to their attempts to contact you.

Unblock a Number

People and circumstances change. If you want to unblock a previously blocked number in the future, just:

  1. Open the Phone app and tap the Contacts tab.
  2. Tap the information icon next to the blocked contact.
  3. Tap Unblock this Caller.
  4. Tap Done to confirm.

The number will be removed from your blocked list and calls/messages will come through as normal again. Use blocking judiciously and be willing to give people second chances. But don’t hesitate to re-block if needed to protect your own privacy and well-being.

Blocking Unwanted Calls on a Landline or Home Phone

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If you have a landline or home phone and are receiving unwanted calls, you can take steps to block the numbers. Many phone services offer call blocking features that allow you to block specific numbers or types of calls.

Activate call blocking with your phone service provider

Contact your landline phone service provider and inquire about their call blocking options. Many providers like AT&T, Verizon, and CenturyLink offer free call blocking services. They can activate call blocking on your account so you can add unwanted numbers to a block list. You may be able to add numbers through an online account, mobile app, or by calling customer service.

  • Add the unwanted phone numbers to your block list. You may be able to block a single number, a range of numbers, or an entire area code.
  • Choose to block all calls except those on your allowed list (whitelist) or block calls on your block list (blacklist). A whitelist may be better if you receive very few unwanted calls.
  • Decide if you want to send blocked calls to voicemail or completely block them. Sending to voicemail allows you to review messages from blocked numbers if needed.
  • Review and update your block list periodically to continue blocking unwanted callers.

Use an external call blocking device

If your phone service does not offer robust call blocking features or you want more control, you can purchase an external call blocking device. These connect to your landline and allow you to create block lists to filter unwanted calls. Many are available for under $50. Popular options include the Call Blocker 201, Digitone Call Blocker Plus, and FirstCall Call Blocker.

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With some time and patience setting up your preferences, call blocking can help reduce unwanted calls on your landline. Don’t hesitate to contact your phone service provider with any questions on maximizing these useful services. Putting an end to unsolicited calls will help bring more peace of mind and less annoyance when your home phone rings.

FAQs: Common Questions About Blocking Phone Numbers

Will blocking a number prevent all calls and texts?

Blocking a phone number will prevent most calls and texts from coming through from that number. However, some calls may still get through from the blocked number for a couple of reasons:

  • The caller may be using a different phone number or caller ID to contact you. Unfortunately, there’s no way for your phone to know that the new number is actually the blocked contact trying to reach you from a different line.
  • If the blocked number leaves a voicemail, the voicemail notification may still come through, even though the actual call was blocked. The voicemail is recorded and delivered by your phone carrier, not the actual phone making the call.
  • In rare cases, emergency calls from the blocked number may connect. Most phone blocking tools cannot override emergency calling functions.

So while blocking is effective at reducing unwanted contact, it’s not guaranteed to block all calls and texts from the number indefinitely. The best approach is to also report excessive harassment to the proper authorities if the unwanted contact continues from other lines or becomes threatening.

Will the blocked number know I’ve blocked them?

When you block a number, the caller is not notified or given any indication that their calls or texts are being blocked or ignored. As far as the caller knows, their calls and texts are going through as usual. They have no way of knowing that their messages are being blocked by your phone carrier or third-party call blocking service. So you can block unwanted callers with confidence, knowing that it won’t provoke further harassment.

Can I unblock a number later if I change my mind?

Yes, blocking a phone number is not permanent. You can easily unblock a number through your phone’s built-in blocking menu or by contacting your phone carrier or call blocking service provider. They can quickly remove the block and allow calls and texts from that number to come through again. So if the unwanted contact was temporary or the situation changes, you have the option to undo the block.


So there you have it, a few simple ways to block a phone number and gain some peace of mind. Whether it’s an annoying telemarketer, a creepy ex, or just someone you need out of your life, blocking them is within your control. You don’t have to engage or explain yourself. Take your power back and make the choice to move on from unwanted calls. Your phone is meant to connect you to the people you actually want to talk to. Life’s too short for nuisance calls, so go ahead – set those blocks and get back to living your life surrounded by the voices that lift you up. Freedom and control are just a few taps away. Here’s to less stress and more of the good stuff. Block away!

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