How to Access Vudu From : A Guide for Streaming Overseas

Hey there, movie lover! Do you find yourself frequently traveling outside the US but still wanting to keep up with the latest shows and films on Vudu? We’ve got you covered. Vudu may be geographically restricted to viewers within the United States, but with a few simple tricks you can access your Vudu library from anywhere in the world. Whether you’re on a beach in Bali, trekking through the Australian Outback or navigating the streets of Paris, this guide will show you how to Watch Vudu outside the US . No more FOMO for the newest releases or having to avoid spoilers for weeks until you return stateside. Your Vudu library is now as portable as your laptop, tablet or phone. Let’s get started so you can sit back, relax and stream your favorite flicks regardless of location. The world is your theater!

Use a VPN to Mask Your Location

If you want to stream Vudu when you’re outside the US, a VPN is your best friend. A VPN masks your real location and tricks Vudu into thinking you’re still in America.

To use a VPN:

  1. Sign up for a reputable VPN service like ExpressVPN, NordVPN or CyberGhost. They offer apps for most devices like phones, tablets, streaming sticks and smart TVs.
  2. Download the VPN app on the device you want to watch Vudu on. Launch the app and sign in with your VPN account details.
  3. Connect to a US-based VPN server. This will make it appear as if you’re accessing the internet from somewhere in America.
  4. Launch the Vudu app or open and sign in as usual. Vudu will think you’re still in the US and stream content like normal.
  5. If Vudu blocks the VPN, try connecting to a different US server or VPN location. Some streaming services try to detect and block VPNs, so you may need to switch connections to avoid this.

Using a VPN is the simplest way to unlock Vudu and other geo-restricted streaming services when traveling abroad or living overseas. As long as you have a solid internet connection, you’ll be enjoying your favorite shows and movies in no time. The small monthly fee for a premium VPN is worth it for the convenience and added security.

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Give it a go – you’ll be glad you did! And if you have any issues accessing Vudu with your VPN, contact their support for help troubleshooting. They’re usually happy to assist paying customers in getting set up.

Set Up a US-Based Vudu Account

To access Vudu from anywhere overseas, you’ll first need to set up an account registered to a US billing address. The good news is, this is pretty easy to do.

  1. Sign up for a free US-based virtual private network or VPN. Services like ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and Surfshark all have US server locations that will allow you to spoof a US IP address. Connect to one of these US VPN servers.
  2. Visit and click “Sign Up Free” to create your new account. When entering your billing information, use a US address. This can be your own address or a mail forwarding service. As long as your payment method is US-based, Vudu will allow you to sign up from abroad.
  3. Download the Vudu app on your streaming device and sign in with your new US account credentials. As long as you stay connected to your US VPN, Vudu will think you’re streaming from within the States. You’ll then have access to Vudu’s full library of American movies and TV shows, even when traveling overseas!

The key is setting up that US-based account to trick Vudu into thinking you’re streaming domestically. Once you’ve got that in place, it’s smooth sailing. You can watch Vudu on your phone, tablet, laptop, or streaming media player without missing a beat. Why should being on vacation mean missing out on your favorite shows? With this easy workaround, you can keep the entertainment going wherever your travels take you.

Connect to a US Server

To access Vudu from outside the US, you’ll need to connect to a US-based virtual private network or VPN. A VPN allows you to spoof your location and appear as if you’re accessing the internet from within the US.

Choose a VPN provider

There are many VPN services that offer US-based servers, but I would recommend ExpressVPN, NordVPN or CyberGhost. They are reputable, offer strong encryption and have servers located across the US.

Download the VPN app

Once you’ve subscribed to a VPN service, download their app onto the device you want to use to stream Vudu. This could be your laptop, smartphone, tablet or streaming media player. The app will allow you to quickly connect to a US server.

Connect to a US server

Open the VPN app and select a US-based server location, like New York or Los Angeles. Click to connect. The VPN will now route all of your internet traffic through that server, making it appear as if you’re accessing the web from within the US.

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Watch Vudu outside the US

You can now open the Vudu website or app on your device and stream as usual. Vudu will detect your US-based IP address thanks to the VPN and allow you full access to your library and account. You may need to sign in again while connected to the VPN.

Additional tips

For the best streaming experience, choose a US server in a location close to you to reduce latency. US West Coast servers are good for viewers in Asia and Australia. East Coast servers work well for Europe and the Middle East.

If Vudu detects you’re using a VPN and blocks access, try connecting to a different US server or VPN location. Some trial and error may be needed. But with one of the top VPN providers, you should be able to find a server that reliably unblocks Vudu.

Happy streaming! With the right VPN setup, you can enjoy your Vudu library no matter where you are in the world.

Clear Your Browsing Data

To access Vudu from anywhere outside the US, you’ll need to clear your browsing data and history. This removes your location and IP address, tricking Vudu into thinking you’re still in America.

Delete Cookies and Cache

Cookies are small bits of data websites store on your device to remember you. Vudu uses cookies to detect your location. Open your browser’s settings and clear your cookies and cache. This will delete Vudu’s location data.

Turn on Incognito or Private Browsing

Incognito or private browsing prevents your browser from storing history, cookies, and site data. Turn it on before accessing Vudu. This hides your activity and location from the site. Make sure to close all other tabs before enabling – they can still track your location.

Use a VPN

A VPN or virtual private network masks your real IP address and reroutes your internet traffic through an encrypted tunnel. This hides your location and tricks Vudu into thinking you’re in the US. Some free VPN options can work, but for the best streaming, use a paid service like NordVPN, ExpressVPN or IPVanish. They offer fast speeds and servers specifically for accessing US content from abroad.

Reset Your Router

Your router assigns your device an IP address that can reveal your location. Resetting or rebooting your router forces it to assign you a new IP address, hiding your actual location from Vudu. Unplug your router for at least 5 minutes, then plug it back in. This will reset it and give you a new IP.

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By clearing your browsing data, enabling incognito mode, using a VPN and resetting your router, you can mask your real location and access Vudu from anywhere outside the US. Take all of these precautions for the best chance of streaming your favorite shows and movies while overseas. Let me know if you have any other questions!

FAQ: Streaming Vudu Outside the US

So you’re traveling outside the US but still want to access your Vudu library? Don’t worry, it’s totally possible. Here are some common questions and answers about streaming Vudu overseas:

Do I need a VPN to watch Vudu internationally?

Yes, to access Vudu from another country, you’ll need to use a VPN or virtual private network. A VPN masks your real IP address and tricks Vudu into thinking you’re still in the US. Some recommended VPNs for streaming Vudu abroad include:

  • ExpressVPN: Fast, reliable, and works with most streaming services. Plans start at $6.67/month.
  • NordVPN: Budget-friendly option that’s easy to use. Plans from $3.71/month.
  • Surfshark: Unlimited device connections so you can share with family. Plans from $2.49/month.

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Will Vudu work with any VPN?

No, not all VPNs are optimized for streaming. Free VPNs in particular often don’t work with Vudu. Stick with a reputable paid VPN that advertises its ability to unblock streaming sites. They’ll have fast servers in the US to route your connection through.

Do I need a US payment method?

To sign up for and use Vudu, you will need a US payment method like a credit/debit card. Vudu only accepts payment from US-based cards and accounts. Using a VPN will allow you to access the service, but you still must pay for any content through a US payment source.

Can I download movies to watch offline?

Yes, with Vudu you can download many movies and shows to watch offline later. This is a great feature for traveling since you won’t need an internet connection to stream content from your library. Just make sure to download the titles before you leave the US or connect to your VPN.

Will Vudu ban my account if I stream internationally?

It’s unlikely Vudu will ban your account for streaming from outside the US, especially if you’re using a VPN. However, to be safe you should avoid streaming Vudu for extended periods while connected to a non-US IP address. Limit your time to a few hours per day at most and you should avoid any issues.


So there you have it, a few easy ways to access your Vudu library no matter where you are in the world. Whether you prefer using a VPN, DNS service or streaming device, you’ll be watching your favorite movies and TV shows on Vudu in no time. No more missing out on the latest releases or revisiting old favorites just because you’re traveling or living abroad. With the right setup, your Vudu content can go wherever you go. The options are out there, you just have to take advantage of them. So get streaming – your couch and snacks are waiting!

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