What is Threads? The New Social Media from Instagram


What Is Threads

As an avid social media user, you’re probably used to sharing life’s moments on platforms like Instagram. However, Instagram’s newest feature called Threads provides a more intimate way to stay connected with your close friends. Threads is a separate application from Instagram that allows you to send messages and share photos with your list of “close friends” on Instagram. And much more to find out about the latest telnology trends in 2023. Unlike Instagram Stories which disappear after 24 hours, Thread messages are stored indefinitely so you can look back on your conversations. While Instagram will remain the place to share life highlights with your wider social circle, Threads is designed specifically for your inner circle. If you want to strengthen your bond with your closest friends through photo sharing and private messaging, Threads might be for you. Let’s take a closer look at how Threads work and how it can improve your relationship.

What Is Threads? Instagram’s New Messaging App

Threads is Instagram’s new standalone messaging app. Launched in 2019, Threads is a companion to the main Instagram app that focuses on connecting you with your closest friends.

Threads allows you to message friends you’ve designated as “close friends” on Instagram. These are friends you interact with the most and want to stay in closer contact with. In Threads, you can message these friends through text, photos, videos and more.

Some of the key features of Threads include:

  1. Status Updates – Share what you’re up to by updating your status. Your close friends will see your status at the top of their Threads inbox.
  2. Auto Status – Threads can automatically update your status based on your location or if you’re on the move. For example, it may update to “At the gym” if you’re exercising or “Stuck in traffic” if you’re driving. You can turn off Auto Status at any time.
  3. Location Sharing – See your friends’ locations in real time and share your own location with a single tap. Location sharing is optional and you can turn it off or on for each friend.
  4. Message Reactions – React to messages with a heart, exclamation point or question mark. Message reactions allow you to quickly respond without typing a reply.
  5. Disappearing messages – Send messages that disappear after viewing. Disappearing messages are end-to-end encrypted like all communications in Threads.
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In summary, Threads provides a dedicated space for you to stay connected to your closest friends on Instagram through intimate and private sharing of text messages, photos, locations and more. With a simple interface and features built for close friend communication, Threads aims to bring people together in a personal way.

How Threads Works: Private Sharing With Close Friends

Threads is Instagram’s new private sharing app that allows you to stay connected to your close friends. With Threads, you can share text messages, photos, and videos with a smaller circle of friends and share what you’re up to during your day.

How Threads Works: Private Sharing With Close Friends

Threads connects you to your close friends on Instagram through private messaging. To get started, you select friends from your Instagram followers or contacts to add to your Threads circle. These friends will receive an invite from you to join Threads. Once they accept, you can start sharing text messages, photos, and short videos with them.

Messages in Threads are end-to-end encrypted, meaning they are secured and can only be read by you and the recipients you send them to. You can send messages to individuals or create group chats with up to 20 of your close friends. Images and short video clips sent in Threads automatically disappear after they have been viewed once, though you can save messages if you want to keep them longer.

Threads makes it easy to share what you’re up to during your day or start a quick conversation with friends. The status feature lets friends know when you’re available to chat, and the auto-status detects when you’re on the move or staying in one location. Location-sharing is optional, allowing you to control how much or how little you share.

Overall, Threads provides a dedicated space to strengthen relationships with your inner circle. Keeping the number of friends small and the interactions private results in more authentic conversations. If you’re looking for a way to stay even more connected to your close friends, Threads is the app for you.

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Why Instagram Created Threads

Instagram created Threads as a new way for close friends to communicate through Instagram. Threads is a separate messaging app that allows you to quickly share photos, videos, messages and Stories with your close friends on Instagram.

Built for Small Group Sharing

Threads focuses on sharing with your smaller circle of friends on Instagram. You can add up to 30 close friends to Threads, and anything you share in Threads will only be visible to those friends. This encourages more intimate sharing between close connections without worrying about how it will appear to your wider followers on Instagram.

Ephemeral Sharing

Like Instagram Stories, the messages, photos and videos you share in Threads disappear after 24 hours. This ephemeral nature means you can share casual, everyday moments without worrying about them sticking around permanently. Your friends have 24 hours to view and reply to anything you share in Threads before it vanishes.

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Status Updates

In addition to sharing photos and videos, Threads allows you to share text status updates to let your close friends know what you’re up to. Your status, along with your location and battery life, automatically update to let friends know if you’re on the move, available to chat or running low on battery. Friends can tap to send a quick reply or start a new conversation.

Location Sharing

Threads gives you the option to share your location with close friends so they know where you are and can find you. Location sharing is optional and you can turn it on or off at any time for all friends or specific individuals. Your location updates automatically as you move, giving friends a sense of where you are in real-time.

Threads provides a dedicated space to foster more intimate connection between you and your inner circle on Instagram. With ephemeral sharing, status updates and optional location sharing, Threads makes it easy to stay in touch with your close friends throughout the day.

How Can Use Threads

Threads is Instagram’s new messaging app designed for connecting with your close friends. As an Instagram user, here is how you can use Threads to stay in touch with your inner circle:

1. Create Your Close Friends List

The first step is to build your Close Friends list by selecting Instagram followers you interact with regularly. These are the people Threads will allow you to message. To add someone, go to their profile, tap the three dots menu, select “Close Friends,” and tap “Add.”

2. Share Spontaneous Updates

Threads makes it easy to give your close friends a glimpse into your day with Status updates. Tap the plus icon, select “Status,” add an update with photo or text, and share with your Close Friends list. These spontaneous posts disappear after 24 hours to keep communication casual.

3. Send Private Messages

Have an inside joke or want to make weekend plans? Tap the plus icon, select “Message,” choose recipients from your Close Friends list, add your message, and tap send. These direct messages are private and encrypted end-to-end.

4. Customize Notifications

By default, Threads will notify you when anyone posts a Status update or sends you a direct message. You can customize notifications for each friend by going to their profile, tapping the three dots menu, and selecting “Notifications.” Choose between all notifications, some notifications or none.

5. Add Reactions and Comments

Show quick feedback or continue the conversation by reacting and commenting on updates and messages. Tap the smiley face icon to select a reaction emoji, or tap the comment field to type a written response. Reactions and comments are also private between you and the original poster.

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Using Threads, you can nurture your closest relationships through spontaneous photo and text updates as well as encrypted direct messaging. By customizing notifications and sharing in a private space, Threads helps you stay genuinely connected to the people who matter most.

The Future of Threads: What’s Next for Instagram’s Messaging

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Enhanced Messaging Features

Threads currently offers basic messaging functions like sending texts, photos and links. However, Instagram will likely enhance Threads’ capabilities to compete with rival messaging apps. Some potential new features include:

  • Voice and video calling: Allowing users to call friends through the app would make Threads a one-stop shop for communication.

-Stories integration: Integrating the popular Instagram Stories feature into Threads could enable users to share disappearing photo and video updates with close friends.

-Group messaging: Adding the ability to create group chats would let users message multiple friends at once, facilitating more engaging conversations.

-Chatbots and business profiles: Instagram may incorporate chatbots, business profiles and other tools to enable commercial use of Threads. Users could potentially message businesses, make purchases and more through the app.

Increased Privacy and Security

Instagram will probably strengthen Threads’ privacy controls and security to build users’ trust in the app. Possible improvements include:

-End-to-end encryption: Encrypting messages so only the sender and recipient can read them would provide an added layer of privacy.

-Two-factor authentication: Requiring two-factor authentication, like a text message code, to log in would make Threads accounts more secure.

-Screen lock: Adding a passcode lock or fingerprint lock to open the Threads app would prevent unauthorized access if a phone is lost or stolen.

-Data transparency: Giving users more control over and visibility into what data Threads collects and shares may alleviate privacy concerns. Users could potentially limit data usage, access their data or delete it.

Monetization Strategies

If Threads gains widespread adoption, Instagram will likely look for ways to generate revenue from the app. Some possibilities include:

-Ads in Threads: Showing targeted ads in the Threads app based on users’ conversations and interests represents an obvious monetization strategy. However, ads may annoy some users and undermine the app’s intimate feel.

-Special features for businesses: Instagram could charge brands and businesses to use Threads for customer service, marketing or ecommerce. Special business profiles, chatbots and other tools could facilitate commercial use of Threads.

-Subscription model: Instagram may eventually offer a paid subscription that provides additional features, ad-free messaging or other benefits not available with the free version of Threads. A subscription model could generate revenue while still prioritizing user experience.


So there you have it. Threads is Instagram’s new messaging app designed for close friends and real-time sharing. While it may seem redundant given Instagram’s existing messaging features, Threads provides a dedicated space for your most frequent contacts and spontaneous sharing. If you’re someone who uses Instagram messaging often or wants an easy way to share quick updates, thoughts, or just stay in closer contact with select friends, Threads is worth checking out. The app is still quite new, so additional features and integrations may come in the future. For now, Threads offers an intimate way to connect with your inner circle through the convenience of your mobile device. Give it a try – your close friends may already be on there waiting to chat with you.

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